It saddens me deeply when bad things happen to nice people. The New York Mets, my favorite baseball team of which I am a diehard fan signed Xavier Nady prior to the 2006 season. In the middle of the season, relief pitcher Duaner Sanchez was injured in a taxi cab accident in South Florida and was sidelined for the remainder of the season. The Mets, desperate for middle relief pitching traded Nady to the Pirates for pitchers Roberto Hernandez and Oliver Perez. Perez has since turned out to be an asset to the team, whereas Hernandez is long gone. However, I feel the Mets never fully recovered from losing Sanchez and Nady. The dynamic of the 2006 team changed, and some of the excitement was lost. They lost the NLCS in the 11th hour, and are just now starting to recover their glory.

Nady spent the remainder of the 2006 season with the Pirates and was resigned for 2007 and 2008. Recently the Pirates haven’t done much at all and the Yankees have also been struggling. I saw a game at PNC Park earlier this season in which the Pirates beat the Chicago Cubs. It was an exciting 14 inning game. The Pittsburgh fans have no illusions about their small market team. When it happens for them it will happen. The lack of post season anticipation and pressure surely added to the looseness of the team and the excitement of the game.

A few nights ago Nady was pulled from the game in the first inning and was told he was being sent back to New York in a six player trade with the Yankees. I presume he may have been tickled pink to be returning to the greatest baseball city in the world. However, it is unfortunate that he will return to that side of town. Nady, to me seems like a nice guy. nice guys don’t play for the Yankees – they play for the Mets and other teams. The Yankees, their owners, and their fans are either morons, douchebags, or a combination of the two. My grandmother is a Yankees fan, but she’s old so she doesn’t count. I only hope he can keep his dignity and is successful with his new team, douchey as they may be. Perhaps he can return to the Mets next season in a trade for someone useless like Luis Castillo or Pedro Martinez.