I’ve been thinking about getting a new pair of brown penny loafers.  Kristina pokes fun at me every time I mention them though.  I think she thinks I’m going to go out and buy a low vamp pair with tassels reminiscent of something my dad wore in the 80’s and still wears to this day.

What I think she fails to realize though is that penny loafers have come a long way.  Nearly every top designer is showing them for Fall in modern versions.  Some I could do without.  They’re a little too funky.  But labels like Polo Ralph Lauren and my favorite, J.Crew (pictured below) seem to hit the nail on the head.  The loafers are modern, but still timeless (at least in my opinion), and would probably go well with just about anything. 

My Cole Haan’s have seen better days.  I think it’s time…

I rate this trend, if it is, in fact a trend a 5 out of 5.