I know I’m not the first blogger today to mention Freeman’s Sporting Club.  I know it.  Before I even knew they’d opened a new shop in the West Village I had planned on talking about the barber shop in the back of their East Village store.  So get over it, ok?

A few weeks ago I was headed to a bar party in the East Village, and noticed that the hair on the back of my neck had grown in to a full neck beard while I was at work.  My job does that to me sometimes.  Anyway, I was passing where I heard Freeman’s was and decided to pop in to price a neck shave.  If you’re not familiar with the store I’m not going to describe it.  You can look it up here.  I walked to the barber shop in the back and asked how much they got to clean up the back of my neck.  They quoted me $15.  The place I usually go to when Kristina doesn’t shave my neck for me charges me $10.  It was a 50% increase, but it was only $5.  I figured I’d give it a shot. 

It was well worth it.  Sam (no relation) started with a clipper and proceeded to spend a good six minutes evening out the hair on the back of my head.  He then applied a hot lather and shaved my neck with a straight razor.  THEN he wrapped a hot towel around my head.  THEN he brushed off the little stray hairs with a talc brush.  THEN…we were done and I paid him with a 33% tip.  (do the math, genius.)  I had every intention of going back until now. 

See, I don’t spend much time in the East Village.  It’s too hip for me.  I’m more of a Brooklyn/Tribeca/Financial District kind of guy.  But I work in SoHo near the West Village.  Lo and behold according to Refinery 29 (and posted on A Continuous Lean) F.S.C. has opened a second barber shop at 5 Horatio Street, the location of the late, great Nick’s Barber Shop. (where I sometimes got my hair cut when I had hair)  If they provide the same service as they do across town (and why wouldn’t they?) I certainly would be more inclined to frequent this one over the original. 

Freeman’s Sporting Club
8 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

Now open: 5 Horatio Street, New York, NY