Last night I went to an art gallery party in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with a few friends.  We’d met earlier at Pablo’s place for some pizza and a few beers.  The party was a few blocks away at a warehouse/workshop of a company that builds sets for I guess TV shows or plays.  Anyway, the exhibit was pretty cool – complete with an alien dummy sitting in a chair in a masturbation pose.  The artist would strap on this harness and slip into these shoes attached to the dummy’s feet and make the thing dance.  That was nifty.

They set up a makeshift bar in the back complete with free beer, wine, and vodka mixers.  I get the feeling this is what attracted the hipsters more so than the actual artwork. 

Even though it wasn’t exactly my type of crowd, the party wasn’t bad.  I found amusement in the abundance of ironic mustaches, cut off skinny jeans shorts (on men), and the amount of people who were smoking.  Is there irony in that too?  I just don’t know.  The oddest of the odd were the group of teenagers that could have been straight out of a Kid N Play movie.  Do they even know Kid N Play?

Tonight I’m hitting up my friend Josh’s bachelor party.  You will not see any photos from that as it goes against the rules of manhood to bring a camera anywhere near a bachelor party.