Today was supposed to be the day the new J.Crew Men’s store was to open in Tribeca.  But alas my insider connection has informed me that the grand opening has been pushed out to August 13th.  It looks like we’ll have to wait.  I think we’ll manage.

For those of you unaware of this all men’s store, I’ll give you the short, short version.  J.Crew wanted to open a men’s only store in New York City.  The opportunity came up in Tribeca at the location formerly known as Liquor Store.  I actually took a few dates here back when it was a really cool bar – they put out.

Anyway, a deal was made, and they’re opening the store soon.  They will feature the men’s collections plus some vintage items, and possibly some other labels.  It should be pretty cool.  Also, from what I hear they kept the bar.  Will it be a working bar?  Probably not – but one can hope, right?