Sometimes, at the end of a long day I like to retire to my big leather chair, beer in hand, and watch the Mets game.  Actually, if I could do that every evening I would be a very happy man.  Unfortunately though, baseball only runs from April through October, and some games are day games, and some days they have off, and once in a while I like to actually go to the games, but that isn’t the point here.  Because this is the summer!  And in the summer, why just settle for any beer that you can drink in the winter, spring, or fall?  You, as a beer drinker deserve more! 

That more is the SUMMER ALE!  I’ve tried two popular varieties, and can’t quite decide which I prefer.  These are Samuel Adams Summer Ale and Brooklyn Summer Ale.  As a New Yorker who lives in and constantly writes about Brooklyn I’m inclined to lean towards that variety.  However, I’ve been a fan of the Sam for a long time now.

I’m gonna head home and have me a Summer Ale!