With Labor Day Weekend looming just around the corner I find myself wondering where the summer went and oddly enough looking forward to fall.

Since Labor Day is only the symbolic end of summer, and not the actual end of summer I do not intend to, nor would it be logical of me to start wearing wool sweaters or shunning ice cream because it’s too cold.  I will, however start gearing up for and discussing a number of things on Crabapple in addition to my usual daily observations, etc.  Some things that will be discussed this fall are:

  • Scotch & Soda – the perfect fall cocktail
  • Flannel, corduroy, and tweed – bustin’ out the fall duds!
  • Oktoberfests & Pumpkin Ales – the perfect fall brews
  • The return of a hot cup of coffee
  • The Fall Muxtape
  • Halloween & Thanksgiving – the best & worst of American holidays
  • Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur – reasons to wear a suit
  • My Birthday – only one month till 31
  • Baseball Post Season – my favorite time of year!
  • Back to School and how that effects the NYC subway system
  • Apple picking and hay rides – just kidding!

For now, I just look forward to a weekend of more METS victories and Yankees losses.  My, how the tables are turning…