With my team, The New York METS making another legitimate run at the NL East Pennant, (and the Yankees slipping quickly off the radar) it’s unfortunate that they are losing their star closer, Billy Wagner to Tommy John surgery.  This will most likely keep him sidelined for most of next season as well, and possibly lead to closing out his career as a major league baseball player. 

Hopefully, the METS can continue to have success with their current bullpen configuration who has gone about 26 innings now without an earned run.  And aside from Pedro Martinez, the starting pitching has been stellar so this set back, although significant may not discount them from making the post season.

And since I am not a sports writer I report on this just because I love the METS and Kristina has a major league crush on Billy Wagner.  In truth, I think she’s more upset about this whole thing than I am.

Get well, Billy!

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