I was all stoked to post my new Fall Mix that I made on Muxtape, but as some of you may have noticed Muxtape is in some hot water regarding copyright issues, I’m sure so we’re left with using our imaginations or iTunes to download the music our favorite bloggers are currently playing on their iPods. 

Some of you may wonder how I cam up with my new Fall Mix.  Some of you may not care at all.  However, as a music enthusiast (and former bass player/singer in numerous rock bands) I feel compelled to explain each song.  Sit back and get a glass of water, this may take you a while…

1-The Raconteurs-Steady as She Goes
I’m a huge fan of The White Stripes.  I saw Brendan Benson open for them a few years ago at Keyspan Park in Coney Island.  I was excited to find that Brendan & Jack had teamed up to form the Raconteurs.  The rest of the first album is mediocre, but this song is pretty kick ass.  Their second album, however is awesome all the way through.

2-The Shins-Phantom Limb
I jumped on the bandwagon after seeing Garden State.  I’ve since seen them in concert four times.  Their third album, Wincing The Night Away is a brilliant continuation of their growth as musicians and as a band.  This song makes me happy, but a little chilly at the same time.  Great for a Fall Mix!

3-The Black Keys-When The Lights Go Out
I first heard these guys on the soundtrack to Black Snake Moan.  I immediately bought Rubber Factory and have kept it in regular rotation ever since.  Dirty blues good for Fall or any time of year.

4-Badly Drawn Boy-Everybody’s Stalking
Creepy song about …stalking.  As the weather cools and we’re left more to our own thoughts we sometimes resort to the unspeakable…plus, the song was used in an awesome movie, Igby Goes Down.

5-Bill Withers-Ain’t No Sunshine
I just love this song.

6-Marcy Playground-Sex & Candy
Reminds me of the late 90’s – that interim period between the awesome music of the early 90’s and now when music was in a transitional period between rock, dance, and electronic.  These guys kept it real.

7-Scarlett Johansson-Falling Down
This one is off her album of Tom Waits covers.  The album is pretty bad, as is this song, but it’s the best of the bunch and I love Scarlett!

8-Pete Yorn-Strange Condition
I bought this album in the Fall of 2002 around the time I also bought John Mayer’s Room for Squares.  For some reason both albums have a very Fall feel to them.  Maybe because I bought them in the Fall.  I don’t know…

This one is off Beck’s newest album, Modern Guilt which has been in constant rotation since the day I purchased it.  This song is eerie, and has provided inspiration and a spooky backdrop to my novel in the works.

10-Ryan Adams-Halloweenhead
Each of his albums reminds me of a different girl I dated, obsessed over, or just loved in one way or another.  Rock N Roll – Nancy, Cold Roses – Marissa, Easy Tiger – nobody in particular but what’s more Fall than a song about Halloween?

11-Tom Waits-Hold On
This one is off Mule Variations.  It’s a sad love song, and always makes me think of a girl I dated back in Fall/Winter 2004 named Jillian.  We had very little in common, but had a great time together.  I think she was turned off when I told her I was not a Democrat.  She immediately assumed I was a Republican…I’m a Libertarian.

12-Wilco-Jesus, etc
This song was eerily perfect in describing my feelings on 9/11/01.  While technically still summer, the feeling in NYC was immediately cold and scary that day.  This song will always bring me back to that time; a time I will never forget.