I walked out of my apartment this morning around 6:45 to go to the gym, and was hit with a cool breeze.  This, to me is one of the first signs of Fall.  This breeze usually has the faint smell of fire wood, fallen leaves, and cold (yes, cold has a smell.)  But since I live on Smith Street the pungent smells of garbage, vomit, dog shit, and last night’s booze were unwelcome additions to the early Fall breeze.  Smelling this foul smorgasboard of aromas just adds to my desire to move out of this stinky city to a slightly more pleasant NYC suburb…or dare I say, the sticks.  HA!

Another sign of Fall is my birthday.  This Sunday, your crab turns 31.  To my friend Sharon, who at 2 years younger than I am constantly calls herself old, FUCK THAT!  I look and feel younger than I did at 25*.

If any of my faithful readers is hanging around Smith Street Saturday night, I’m throwing myself a little party at a Bar called CAMP.  Swing on by and tell me how lousy my blog is or wish me a happy birthday.  Either will show that you care.

Have a great weekend!


*This is a flat out lie.  I’m chubby and scruffy, and pissed that I can’t drink nearly as much as I used to…sigh.