Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of the James Bond007 movies.  Like most, I feel the series slipped after Sean Connery left, even more when Timothy Dalton took over for Roger Moore, and just got silly (although still suave) with Pierce Brosnan. 

Two years ago I was blown away by the newest of the Bond series, Casino Royale based on the original Ian Flemming novel.  This one starred Daiel Craig, the newest of the Bonds, and in my opinion the best of them all (yes, even Connery).  Craig is handsome, suave, and well dressed as we all expect James Bond to be, but he invokes a certain grittiness and the flaws of the character created by Flemming all those years ago. 

Most fans wondered where they would go next as all the books had been covered.  The producers weren’t about to let the series die, and last year it was announced that the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace would be released in 2008.  The date is set for Friday, November 14th.  Over the next 55 days aside from the usual Funny Finds, Trend spotting, and World Series coverage I will be covering Bond – the style, the stories, and the appeal that has spanned over three generations.

Tonight, I drink – not martinis though, not a huge fan.