I have to thank my friend Pete for buying these tickets and giving me mine as a birthday gift.  I’ve seen Weezer about 6 or 7 times since my first time in 1994 when they opened for LIVE at my future college, LIU C.W. POST on their Throwing Copper tour.  Every time I’ve seen them since that first hazy time they seem to get better.  They play more songs – obviously, they also play them with more energy.  I turned to Pete at one point during the show and said, “In 10 years we’re going to be those old guys I used to laugh at when I was 17 at Ramones concerts.”  To which Pete replied, “You mean old like the guys on stage?”  In other words, who cares?  I hope I still want to go see concerts in 10 years.  I won’t be that old; only 41.  I just hope I don’t look too foolish rocking out, playing air drums like I did the other night.  There’s something very fulfilling in that.