Always in search of a good deal on quality products, I was happy to receive a comment on my Longines post from The Choosy Beggar.  This site lists and blogs about current trends and sweet deals for men’s products in and around NYC.  This is great for someone like me who likes to purchase quality clothes, watches, eyewear, and gadgets, but hates to pay full retail. 

In my Longines post I even mentioned a few great deals I came across in the past few months, but completely left out one of the best.  I checked out the Gant sample sale a few weeks ago and walked away with a navy wool blazer for $95, a sweater for $20, and a scarf for $15.  I chose to replace the loud metal buttons on the blazer, and haven’t worn the sweater yet, but have used the scarf nearly every chilly day we’ve had since. 

The point is, I’m not the only guy who likes nice, well made products, but doesn’t want to have to refinance to buy them, and The Choosy Beggar provides a valuable service for such things.  The permanent link is at the right.