Some of you may have heard the new record from Ben Folds entitled Way to Normal.  Some of you may have not.  Click the link at the right to hear some clips.  It’s good.  It’s really good.  Now, I’m partial to his second solo release, Songs for Silverman.  It’s a well constructed album with lush melodies, and very little anger.  He also shed much of the boyish charm he used so well when with Ben Folds Five.  However, 2 EP’s and a messy divorce later Ben is back at his old ways singing humorous and angry songs on an out of tune piano.  And like I said, it’s good.  I like it a lot.  I even saw him perform the songs (and fake versions leaked to the internet before the album’s release) last month at Terminal Five in NYC.  I took my friend Jillian.  The show was amazing.  He plays some old BFF stuff and earlier solo stuff, but mostly concentrated on the new album – real and fake.  Check it out.