Your Crab has been a busy boy lately.  Work is busy, I’ve been hard at work launching, MLB has been settling arbitration (so soon we can talk baseball), and well TV has been pretty decent. 

Favorites Big Love & 24 have started new seasons, and both have captured my undivided attention.  Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations has also kicked off another season.  Episode #1 was in Mexico.  Makes me very excited for my Mexican wedding.

But back to 24.  Aside from the relentless action sequences and dramatic government conspiracy theories people tend to forget how many babes have passed through that set.  For the first few seasons it was Crabby favorite Elisha Cuthbert.  Last season we were graced with Marisol Nichols as Nadia Yassir.  HOT!  This season, thus far is a little weak on the badass babes, but we have been graced with Carly Pope as Samantha Roth.  I get the feeling she may be killed in the next episode, but any 24 fan knows that whatever gut feelings you get while watching the previews are usually wrong.  I hope I’m wrong this time.  I’ve enjoyed her limited screen time.  I hope it continues.