Like many Americans, I ate my lunch on Tuesday while watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama on a small TV (that will no longer work come February 9th) in my office conference room.  A card carrying Libertarian, my vote went to Bob Barr.  However, I still couldn’t help feel excited along with a renewed sense of pride in my country and government as I watched the President take his oath in front of a massive, silenced crowd.  There were plenty of buttons and t-shirts and signs donning the words Hope and Change, and his smiling face throughout.   It was wonderful to watch.

The most popular of the Obama posters has been the one shown here – a staple of his campaign.  This poster was/is so popular that it inspired a website which you can use to create your own featuring a photo of yourself, or something more amusing, perhaps.  I’m vain, but not that vain.  I am, however clever.  Or at least I like to think so.  Try for yourself…


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