I’ve slowly been reading Slash’s autobiography which has made me want to listen not only to Appetite For Destruction, but also G’NR Lies, Use Your Illusions I & II, & Live Era

Back when Appetite was released I thought Welcome to the Jungle was the coolest song to come out.  A lot of guys I knew who listened to heavy metal liked to rip Guns N Roses – calling them gay and whatnot.  I was 10 when that album came out.  I wasn’t sure what would have made them gay.  I didn’t care though – I continued to listen.

Jump ahead 4 years.  I’m sitting on the bus on the way to school (I’m in 9th grade at this point) and I’m listening to appetite on my SONY Walkman.  The opening drum beat kicks on for Rocket Queen followed a few measures in by a fucking sick walking bass line played by Duff McKagan.  At that moment on that school bus listening to that song I decided I would be a bass player.  Within months I had a bass and a small practice amp and was learning.  The following year I entered my band into our school’s Battle of the Bands.  The next two years running my band won.

I don’t play a lot of music anymore, but I still keep an acoustic guitar next to my desk at home.  I still listen to a lot of music.  There is some new stuff I like, but mostly I stick to old favorites like The Ramones, Morphine, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, The Clash, and others from those genres.  Of course, Appetite For Destructionhas made its way to my CD player in the car, or an iTunes playlist numerous times over the years.  Now, reading Slash’s book I see what went into the making of that legendary album, and it makes me love it more.  Bands don’t do what they did anymore.  I don’t think they even could if they tried…