There seems to be a recent trend in drinking.  While Red Bull and vodka was all the rage a few years ago (and probably still is in college towns and Murray Hill) it appears that brown liquor in the forms of scotch, bourbon, and even rye are making a big comeback.

I’ve been a scotch fan for a number of years.  I like to mix Dewar’s White Label with club soda or sip a nice Laphroig 12 year neat out of one of my Ralph Lauren crystal glasses.  Recently, however I’ve started to develop more of a taste for good bourbons.  My friend Brandon (who we’ll be welcoming back to the USA this weekend) first introduced me to Makers Mark a few years ago.  We sat in the back of The Hog Pit BBQ restaurant in the meat packing district putting them back one after the other.  I stumbled home that night.  Not sure what happened to Brandon.  Then I discovered Knob Creek.


Knob is a little bit sweet and a little bit smoky small batch Kentucky Straight bourbon.  If I’m not drinking stout I’ll usually order this.  Last Sunday Kristina and I met some friends for brunch in the West Village, then went to The Slaughtered Lamb Pub for some afternoon drinking.  They did not have Knob Creek, but the waitress exclaimed how much she wished they did.  I got a Makers instead.

Last night, however my friend Isaac and I hit up another bar (also in the West Village) who’s name I can’t remember, and not only did they have Knob, but they had to open a fresh bottle just for me.  Isaac is not a whiskey drinker.  I tried to get him to try it, but one sniff nearly made him gag.  Light weight…

Tomorrow, our friends Max & Heidi are hosting the Superbowl.  Max always has good whiskey.  Sure, I could start now, but then what would I have to look forward to?  The game, of course.  GO STEELERS!