I’ve decided that instead of boring you with every boring detail of my trip to the UK that instead I would point out various things that have caught my attention, captivated me, made me want, etc.  If you want the play by play of the trip ask me, or check out my newest Flickr updates at the side.

No, not the shoes.  Boots is a drug store, kind of like CVS, Duane Reade, and RiteAid except classier, and they have what you’re looking for in stock.  So many times I’ve gone into my local RiteAid looking for razor blades or something to that degree, and not only are they out of stock, but there’s nobody present to ask for them.  Boots has a wide selection of great products for everyone.  Their special men’s aisle is loaded with stuff found in US drug stores, and other (including brand names we know) random products.  Kristina and I went into one particular store on Strand in London.  I picked up the following:

-Hackett Pre-Shave Oil-

-Hackett Pre-Shave Oil-


 Pre-shave oils, good ones run you over $20, sometimes more in US department stores.  This cost me £3.60 (or about $5).  This stuff helps prevent razor burn my forcing the blade to glide over the skin without actually touching it, and removing the hairs just as closely.


-Boots Shave Bowl-

-Boots Shave Bowl-

 The beard is temporary, friends.  It’s really just there to take the attention away from my in between hair phase.  After two plus years of shaving my head once a week I’m attempting to grow it in again.  This takes time.  The beard is there to help you (and me) not think about how silly my hair looks at the moment.  But when I do start to shave regularly again I want to start using a shaving brush.  To do this it’s best to have a bowl or mug for mixing the shave cream into a lather.  This one came with shaving soap which I may or may not use.

2 – The Electric Tea Kettle
Every hotel room I’ve stayed in while here (3) has one.  From what I hear every UK home has at least one too.  The British LOVE their tea.  We had tea twice when I worked at my company’s London office last Friday.  It’s easy.  Load it with water, stick a PG Tips or Twinnings bag in a cup, pour the boiling water (done in under two minutes), add milk and sugar, and you have your afternoon, evening, morning, whenever tea.  Beats out the afternoon Starbucks run any day!

3 – The Towel Warmer
Every hotel room has one of these too.  It’s awesome.  You get out of the hot shower into a cold bathroom, and dry off with a piping hot towel.  Lay your fresh underwear on top of the hand towel for a toasty surprise.  I don’t know where to get one of these back home, but if/when I find them I will let you all know.

4 – English Women
My friend, let’s call him Stuart spent some time in the UK last summer and proclaimed “There are zero attractive women in the UK.”  BOLLOCKS!  Sure, there are some uggers.  Walk the Lower East Side in Manhattan for five minutes and you’ll find plenty of them there too.  I was expecting a week and a half of zero eye candy, but have been treated to a considerable amount (I’m sure enhanced by the fact that I’ve been working in high end department stores.)  And let’s not forget famous UK babes like Kate Beckinsale, Duffy, Isla Fisher, Kate Moss…Shame on you, Stuart.

5 – Curry
There is a substantial Indian population in the UK.  Traditional English food is bland and…well, not very good.  The English seem to have adopted Indian Food (or Curries, as they playfully refer to it) as a UK staple just as pizza or Chinese food are popular in the US.  I’ve eaten Indian twice since I’ve been here, and I have to agree that it is quite good.

I will spend the next few days bouncing between Birmingham and Bristol before hitting Dublin, Ireland over the weekend then heading home.  I like it here, but I do miss home.  What can I say?  I may be a crab, but I’m still a homebody.