Last week, at the Parapluie Creative Series reading at Cornichon, I had the pleasure of meeting a young, talented author Deji Olukotun.  He read a chapter of a novel he had written – which I thought was quite good – but from what he tells me will not be published at this time.  The good news is he has another novel just recently published entitled Everyone Comes From Belterra – When America Ruled the Amazon. 

The story takes place in 1930’s Brazil.  The world is in the middle of the Great Depression.  Ford Motor Company has set up shop in the Amazon.  He follows two main characters, Stephen Tanner – an American from Dearborn, MI, and Rogerio Teber – a Brazilian worker/manager who witnesses a murder. 

Deji was kind enough to give me a copy of the book.  I’m a slow reader, as many of you may have noticed, and have only made it to page 75 at this point.  But so far I am thoroughly enjoying the book. 

You can purchase the book through his blog at  I like the play on the Star Wars theme.