When I was a wee lad we constantly had radio blaring through our house.  I believe, at the time it was Z-100.  But that was until we became interested in Howard Stern.  Then we switched to 92.3 K-Rock. 

In high school I became interested in punk rock, alternative, grunge, new wave, and the like so I made the jump up two notches to 92.7 WDRE (formally WLIR). 
I spent countless teenage evenings sitting up all night listening to WDRE, trying to win concert tickets (successfully, a few times), and catching all the new, cool underground stuff.

I went away to college in Oneonta, NY where the best music was played on WONY, the school’s station.  We didn’t pick up much else.  WDRE went through a lot of changes in the late 90’s first becoming the Underground Network, then going back to being WLIR, before crumbling and turning into a Latin station (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)  I was crushed, to say the least.  This left us with few choices for decent radio.  Z-100 (WHTZ) and WPLJ played crap Top 40, there were some oldies stations, and lots of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Smooth Jazz. 

Apparently there was a time in the history of NYC when we were on the cutting edge of rock music.  You’d never know it from our radio though.

The last few years my car stereo was pre-set to WFAN (Mets radio), 101.1 CBS FM, classic rock, 104.3 classic rock, the new 101.9 WRXP(now the only good station for newer rock and 90’s gems), and 92.3 WXRK K-Rock.  This will soon change.  It was announced the other day that K-Rock would become the area’s newest Top 40 station – here to compete with Z100 and WPLJ.  Opie and Anthony, who had become the station’s shock jocks after the departure of Howard Stern will be replaced, most likely by some sissy assbag who thinks his witty banter is cute (I’m talking about you, Elvis Duran!)

The news is obviously disappointing to me, and I’m sure to countless other NY rock fans.  I guess the next move is clear, we’re left with but one choice.

Rock on, New York!