This was an interesting week in the blogosphere.  Unfortunately I had to cut my week short as Kristina and I took a road trip this morning to Pittsburgh to visit her family (aka my future in-laws).  I still managed, though to note the posts that most caught my attention over the few days I was sitting at my computer.

-For starters, Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean found himself disappointed in the readersof for rating his beloved Miller Highlife lower than Yuengling and PBR on their list of Best Blue Collar Beers.  I’m a fan of Mike’s site, and of the champagne of beers, but my vote went to Yuengling.  Sorry, Mike.

-Richard Nouveau at Pocket Change rates the Best French Toast in NYC.  Problem is he’s never eaten at my house so he’s unaware of the real best French Toast in NYC.  Right honey?

-According to, the New York Stankees avoided arbitration with Joba Chamberlain ($432,575) and the METS signed the young rising star Daniel Murphy($401,000), avoiding arbitration with him as well.  Good news for fans of both teams, I guess.  Except I’m not sure if I can endure another 6 months of “Joba Rules” t-shirts…

Crimson Ted celebrates winning HCWDB of the month at Hot Chicks with Douche Bags by giving himself pinkeye.

-Wednesday night, I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations where he made his way through Manhattan eating at restaurants like Keen’s Chophouse, Katz’s Deli, and other New York City institutions in danger of disappearing the same way many of their contemporaries have.  This was one of the best episodes of the show – and I am a huge fan of his.  I even try to emulate his writing style on my food blog, Eating Brooklyn.  To read more from Anthony Bourdain, check out his blog for Travel Channel.  And to read more about the disappearing New York City (one of the reasons I’m so Crabby) check out Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York.

Esquire Magazine endorses Dickipedia– a catalog of those considered to be dicks, and the sort.  Amusing.  Featured dicks include Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump, and David Blaine.

I leave you with a music video by a former bandmate of mine from when I played in a band called Timothy Grass way back in 1994, Blake Ian.  The song is called “A Little More”.  Enjoy! ~Sam