U649323INPSometimes it happens…

If I leave my apartment between 8:00 and 8:20 I can hit it just right.  If I arrive in the station anytime after 8:30 I’m screwed.  It’s the difference between a 25 minute commute and a 60 minute commute.  No joke.

Wednesday morning’s was seamless – I left at 8:15, got into the Bergen Street F station 3 minutes later.  Walked towards the middle of the platform just as the F train was pulling into the staion.  The middle is usually the least crowded part of the train.  One stop to Jay Street for a switch to the C train.  An A train wouldn’t have been bad either, but it requires a transfer at Canal to the E.  But Wednesday I got the C.  Walked from one side of the platform to the other. 

No delays.  No overpowering headphones.  No crowding.  I just stood there reading my book and listening to Snow Patrol.  Seamless; pleasant.

Train pulled into Spring Street at 8:37 (ish).  I walked 5 minutes to the office, and was at my desk by 8:45.  How’s that for being a go-getter?

I’m sure Monday will not be so perfect.  Have a great weekend!