I tried to channel Charles Bukowski Wednesday night at Cornichon in Williamsburg for the second installment of Parapluie Creative Series.  Readers included Everyone Comes From Belterra author, Deji Olukotun, poet John Korduba, and three outstanding musical acts Greg Potter, Eli Browne, & COULON.  I read two short pieces – short stories/essays/poems (according to some) called A Mile Over Minnesota & I Got You written from the point of view of one of my cats.  I got some good laughs for both pieces.  Thanks to everyone who came down to support.

Esquire Magazine endorses the possibly illegal act of road head.

The Sartorialist photographs Stoned Chicin Paris.  Someone get this chick some Doritos, Funions, pork rinds, and pizza NOW!

Michael Williams at A Continuous Lean hits South By Southwest in Austin, and comes back with a photo review for shots of hipsters in skinny jeans and big glasses, Miller Highlife sans glasses, and Texas cuties with near fully exposed asses.  I do dig Texas…

I discovered a blog called Tacky Weddings featuring photos and video of, well Tacky Weddings.  There is some seriously fucked up shit on this blog.  Anyway, there’s a whole big rift (sort of) in my family (really just my cousin pissed at me, and my grandmother confused over what she should do) because my cousin who lives in Atlanta decided to have a Halloween wedding.  There’s no big party, just a Halloween ceremony, and small brunch complete with costumes.  I’m getting married October 30th in Mexico.  So, she’s pissed at me because that was always supposed to be her weekend…news to me.  Point is, I imagine her wedding may resemble one of these.

Now I know what happened to my missing polo shirts.

If anybody is looking for a crabby gift idea for me, I have one.  Or this.  Or this.

Quantum of Solace was released on DVD Tuesday.  How did I miss this?  Whatever, I’ll be at Target Saturday morning.  They usually have plenty of that shit.

Watch out for Unfunny April Fools Day jokes. (the link is safe to click)