A little while ago I received an e-mail from who I thought was the wedding coordinator at the resort where I;m scheduled to get married in the Fall.  The letter went like this…

Dear Sam,
This is Rocío, the wedding coordinator from Grand Palladium Resort, Riviera Maya. I wanted to touch base with you before emailing Kristina but, we are sorry to inform you that there has been a mistake in our bookings and it appears we have 2 contracts for events at the resort on Friday 30 October 2009 at 3pm. The contract for the other wedding was signed back in January 2008 and the sales person that was handling the event had left our company in March 2008. We just found this signed contract and since it was signed first, we have to honor that and place you on a waiting list.

We currently have the following sunset availabilities in this Winter if you would like to choose a new date: Tuesday 8 December 2009, Wednesday 9 December 2009, Sunday 13 December, Monday 14 December 2009, Tuesday 26 January 2010.

If for some reason the other wedding is canceled on your requested date of October 30, you will have first priority to have your wedding at that time.

We also have other recommendations for other wedding venues in Riviera Maya.
Yaxche is a lovely restaurant in Playa del Carmen where you can have a traditional Mayan wedding and prices are good http://www.mayacuisine.com/events/weddings.html

There are also other resorts here in Riviera Maya that you can try however there may be some trouble with reservations for the same date because of the high demand for weddings here in October.

Please let us know if we can move your bookings to another available date. We hope to help you plan a beautiful wedding with us.

Thank you and pleasant day,

First, the fact that it came from a Gmail address should have given it away.  Then, the cheesy website should have been my second clue.  But no, I called Kristina in a panic who proceeded to cry on the phone.  That told me that it couldn’t have been her who wrote the e-mail, or so I thought.  I told her to get our travel agent’s number, so I could conference her in.  She said she’d have to call me back, so I took it upon myself to call our travel agent.  I got her on the phone and relayed the details of the e-mail.  We discussed the possibilities of it being an April Fool’s joke.  I nearly gave her a heart attack. 

Then came the second e-mail that just said APRIL FOOLS!  I apologized and gently hung up the phone.  Turns out two of my colleagues wanted to play a joke on me and got Kristina in on it.  Impressive.  Slightly embarrassing.  Clever. 

Gonna go bury my head in the sand…in Mexico.