An abundance of Amanda Bynes…like a fine wine.

Tom Chiarella teaches us how to be men.

Another good reason why women hate men

It’s back… and not a moment too soon.  The thing about NYC in the spring and summer is there’s no shortage of beautiful women in skimpy, yet tasteful clothing.  Trust me, it’s a feast for the eyes.

A new blog.  It’s a little bit Memphis, a little bit Brooklyn.  Why am I suddenly thinking about Donny & Marie?

Jay Louis continues to find ways to make me want to vomit.

Recently, Chris Cornell released his third solo album, Scream and has launched a tour including a stop at New York’s Webster Hall, reviewed by NY Hard Rock Examiner.  Too bad the writer has no idea what the theme song to Casino Royale actually was, or this may have been a decently written review.  For those of you who haven’t bought the album, save your hard earned cash for something better like The Indigo Girls Sing the Hits of Eddie Cochran or Fozzie Bear Covers A Flock of Seagulls.  Produced by Timbaland, Cornell’s intention was to reinvent himself with a new sound.  After the imminent flop of Scream he’ll have to reinvent himself all over again.  I think he is super talented, and I’ve enjoyed seeing him play live twice with Audioslave and again during his last solo tour.  However, I’d rather listen to Macarena on repeat than this piece of crap.

Now, if there’s an artist out there who probably could work with a guy like Timbaland, and make it work it’s Eminem.  My good friend Karyn Bosnak posted his new video on her site, Pretty in the City this week.  I like it because he rips that idiot Brett Michaels.  Oh, celebrities and their egos.

And since our theme seems to be music, namely hip hop, I leave you with this gem featuring two lovable characters from my childhood, Bert & Ernie mixing it up gangsta style.  Have a nice weekend!