High Hill Beach, L.I.

High Hill Beach, L.I.

It doesn’t feel like it much today, but Spring is in the air.  And with Spring, Summer follows shortly behind.  But you know all this.  I look forward to summer for a number of reasons including, but not limited to bike rides, baseball, barbeques, half days every other Friday, girls in summer dresses, wearing shorts and boat shoes, clam bakes, and finally hitting the beach.  Sometimes the beach trip is during the day to Coney Island or to Jones Beach, but sometimes (if I’m lucky enough) the stay is extended a little longer. 

For years, nearly every weekend would be spent at a house on West Gilgo Beach on Long Island owned by my friend’s family.  It is the perfect beach house.  There are about 6 bedrooms, and plenty of couch and floor space.  We’d pack up a couple days worth of clothes (bathing suits, shorts, tees, and sweatshirts, mostly), food for the grill, LOTS of beer (and other refreshments), all to fill a couple days of free time.  We’d spend our first night getting blitzed, crawl out of bed the next morning to coffee and eggs, spend the day on the beach, bbq that evening, and repeat.  It was the best time…ever!  Now, many of those particular friends have kids – it isn’t quite the same anymore.  We still go once in a blue moon, but not everyone stays, the beer flows less freely, and well, I guess we’re just older.

Luckily, though I have new options for this summer.  First, a couple we’re friends with bought a little place on the south shore of Connecticut.  I imagine we may spend a weekend or two there.  Second, another friend’s family owns a place on the Jersey Shore near AC, and we just got an invite to thathouse for Labor Day weekend.  And finally, Kristina’s family rents a house on the shore in Delaware for a week every summer so we plan on going there for a few days. 

Sure, the nature of the beast has changed.  Hell, I’m not 23 anymore, right?  I do expect this summer to be no less fun than summers past. 

The February issue of Esquire Magazine featured a fashion spread/pictorial called The New American Summer.  The photos were fun and inspiring.  Today, while surfing their website for…something I came across the video that goes along with the pictorial.  It’s pretty cool and in a lot of ways defines what the summer weekend should be.  Let the rich have their multi million dollar Hamptons mansions, and the douchebag crew have their overpriced, crab infested summer rentals.  I’ll take something this laid back any day.