The Mets go into their 2nd series at Citi Field with a 1-2 home record.  While many beat writers are already hitting the panic button, Matt Cerrone at MetsBlog remains cautiously optimistic.  I, for one see them getting the kinks out early instead of in September.  Let them lose a few games – or even a few more.  They’ll bounce back.  They have the talent and the drive, now all they need is the consistency.

Speaking of baseball, Upper Deck blogger, Toby Wachter explains, in detail why as a Mets fan he hates the Yankees.  While I agree with everything he says he leaves out one very important factor in the history of the douche baggery of the team.  See, up until January 3, 1973 – the day George Steinbrenner bought the team, they were still a respectable franchise.  End the Steinbrenner era, and slowly you’ll see them return to Earth…maybe.  Just a theory.

I rip into hipster style on A Continuous Lean, and the hipsters react, but don’t rip back.  Damn you non-confrontational hipsters!

Karyn Bosnak motivates herself and her readers with a little Nike-ism.  So, I guess she’s saying watching TV while self-loathing is not a good way to get in shape?

Speaking of exercise, can anyone recommend a NYC based acupuncturist who specializes in muscle pain?

Mixed reactions on Monday and Thursday on The Choosy Beggar to the latest J.Crew sample sale.  Patience & perseverance is key at these things…patience & perseverance.

Over at Eating Brooklyn we welcome new contributors Holly Rayna Raub, Cristina Pastor, and Erica Taylor.  Check back often to read about our adventures in Brooklyn dining, boozing, and relaxation.

Speaking of Eating Brooklyn contributors, Rob apparently shares my sense of toilet humor as seen hereon his personal blog, Bluff City 2 Brooklyn.

This guy can’t be serious…

In other blog news, I recently discovered Sorrentolens – a blog about photography – specifically photos of classic cars.  Cool stuff. 
10engines is another cool one.
GQ’s Adam Sachs also writes a cool one called The Vacationist which was recently pointed out to me by my lovely fiancee, Kristina.

In New York City blogging news Brownstoner profiles a new art center around the corner from my apartment.
NYC Food Guy celebrates his 200th post by Eating Brooklyn.
And Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York reports on the loss of another NYC icon, Chelsea Court Meat Market.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!