For some reason I laughed more than usual this week at what I read online.  So, instead of just posting what I read, and what I decided to comment on I’m sharing what cracked me up, left me in stitches, had me rolling…you get the drift.

Dodgers Ramirez Drugs Baseball

Manny Ramirez tests positive for performance enhancing drugs…” – each paper quoted it a little differently, but no matter which way I read it I just had to laugh.  What was he thinking??  The actual reason for this use of the banned substance is even funnier.

 “Today, I got a call from my child’s preschool saying that ‘Mindy keeps saying she sits on her daddy’s lap and plays with his peter.’ My daughter meant ‘puter, as in computer. Now the school is worried my husband is a child molester. FML” – truly brilliant and awful. FML

Paul K. of Sorrentolens forwarded me this link to Cape Cod Today, an online newspaper about Cape Cod (duh).  They have a writer known as CC Rockhopper (not to be confused with that fat ass pitcher, Sabathia) who posted a fine little article to accompany a recipe for a cocktail known as the Crabby Soul Man.  Not much to it – just vodka, cran, and 7Up, but the name alone makes it awesome.

Just in case nobody else noticed, the Mets swept both the Braves & the Phillies each in two-games series this week to bring them to one game over .500, and just 1/2 game out of first.  Rookie John Niese takes the mound tonight against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  It’s one of those nights when I know my future in-laws and I will probably be watching the same thing on TV, but will be at odds on the hopeful outcome.  Good times.

Check out the new design and contributors at Eating Brooklyn.

Your Crab and Eating Brooklyn also got a nice little shout out today on The Choosy Beggar.  Turns out J.Crew isn’t the only label I like.  I was able and willing to share top-secret information about next week’s Gant sample sale.  Last Fall I picked up a blazer, a sweater, and a scarf.  The blazer is probably one of the best clothing items I own, and I wore the scarf nearly every day over the winter.

It was a fairly slow reading week for me, so that’s really all I got. 

And if you’re one of those New York transplants, like my Kristina don’t forget to call your mother on Sunday.  She misses you.