JC Broadway 01

The word is out.  I stopped by my usual J.Crew, the store on Prince Street in SoHo last Friday only to find out that after last Saturday the store will be closed for renovations.  They will reopen in a couple of weeks, but will only carry Women’s & Crew Cuts.  The Men’s is moving to a new location at 484 Broadway

This is the site of an old news store.  I asked if it would be anything like the The Liquor Store, and was assured that it would be closer in concept and in customer service to the regular stores.  For those of you who have not had the chance to shop at The Liquor Store, it’s very cool looking, but is cramped, lacking in sale merchandise, and unless you specifically ask for help, the staff ignores you.

JC Broadway 02

The new space will open for business tomorrow, Tuesday, May 12.  The artist who drew the above sketch will be on site tomorrow from 12-2, again from 4-6, and yet again on Saturday, and will sketch for you anything you bring him.  I’m thinking of bringing in the Crabapple logo, or a photo of my cats, or maybe I’ll be a little less selfish and bring a photo of my dad standing with his 1967 MGC, have him sketch that, and then give it to my dad as a Father’s Day gift.  Yeah, I like that idea.