Coffee and Cigarettes

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There was a time when for me breakfast consisted of coffee and cigarettes (and sometimes a bowl of Lucky Charms). But those days have gone.

I quit smoking just over three years ago, and breakfasts usually consist of oatmeal, or toast with peanut butter, or eggs…you get the idea. I still drink coffee though, and sometimes especially when I see it on TV or on the street or in art house movies like the one from which I believe this image was swiped, Coffee & Cigarettes (is that Meg White?), I just crave one again.

There was something about sitting in a greasy spoon in my college town, Oneonta, NY kicking back in a vinyl chair, black cup of Joe, Camel Light in hand (or mouth) watching the girls do the walk of shame across the street. They were moments to be savored, cherished, enjoyed, remembered.

Now – smoking has been outlawed in eating (and drinking) establishments in most states. Many of us who did smoke at one time have given it up for various reasons – health, children, financial (over $8 per pack in NYC), and quite frankly you just don’t look nearly as cool smoking now, standing out in the rain as you did back in the day. The allure, for the most part has been lost, but that doesn’t mean the craving isn’t sometimes still there.