We’ve officially passed 20,000 hits on Crabapple thanks to continued interest in the Montauk Monster, and my little post from last summer featuring a photo of a funky looking jellyfish with the caption, the fetus of another Montauk Monster, perhaps?  Thank you to all my regular readers for continuing to come back, and to the monster searchers for spiking my WordPress popularity rating.

The fetus of another Montauk Monster, perhaps...?

Far be it from me to ever re-post anything posted on Urban Daddy, but today their weekend preview included links to some seriously funny blogs…

The first is this is why you’re fat.  They post photos of disgustingly fatty food with descriptions.  My favorite is The 30,000 Calorie Sandwich, which is a sandwich filled with ground beef, bacon, corn dogs, ham, pastrami, roast beef, bratwurst, braunschweigerand turkey, topped with fried mushrooms, onion rings, swiss/provolone/cheddar/feta/parmesan cheeses, lettuce and butter on a loaf white bread.
30K Calorie Sandwich

This link went hand in hand with Maybe you shouldn’t buy that, a list (again complete with photos) of the most frivolous products recently put on the market like the $5,000 Swarovski crystal encrusted paintball gun.  Seriously…why?

UD also noted a perfect site or crabs like me, White Whine, a new white person complaint every day of the week.  It’s the anti-Stuff White People Like.

Finally, Manvite sent out a list of various Megan Fox links in honor of her birthday, which is Saturday, May 16th.

I did less surfing and commenting this week than I usually do.  Just didn’t have the time or desire.  I seem to read a lot of the same shit over and over again.  I seem to read a lot of the same shit over and over again.  I seem to read a lot of the same shit…