Last night marked the fourth installment of the Parapluie: Creative Series at Cornichon in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.  As usual, it was hosted by my good friend Kristina Zacharias, and again featured a plethora of talented writers, music, and comedy.

Deji Olukotun kicked off the night with a reading of short story about a man who composed musical pieces made up entirely of silent pauses.  It is a well thought and worked out story, but at the same time I couldn’t help picturing the scene in Pootie Tang when Pootie records an entirely silent song that becomes a big hit.

Greg Potter, singer, songwriter, and keyboardist followed with a set of 5 or 6 songs.  To be honest I spent most of his set chatting with my friend at the bar.  I heard him in the background though.  His songs are very good, but also very sad.  He was received well by the crowd with a hearty applause after each song.

Next, my good friend Rachel Sturtz took the stage and read two essays.  The first was about her moving to NYC after receiving news of her father’s diagnosis with Lou Gehrig’s disease, and her attempt at lesbianism that followed.  What should have been a sad subject turned into an enjoyable and funny story of a straight girl’s attempt at being gay.  She then read a piece in which she discusses her grandmother’s phallic feature on her upper lip.
Rachel’s work has appeared in Fitness Magazine, and will also appear in the August 2009 issue of Marie Claire.

The final act of the evening featured improv artists Ben Rameaka & Brian Glidewell, a comic duo who perform a short series of intertwined skits based on audience suggestion.  Being the obsessed METS fan that I am, I shouted baseball, and sure enough they performed baseball.  It started with a channeling of Alex Rodriguez and his performance enhancing, um protein shakes and evolved into an erotic massage parlor, a dead prostitute, and closet homosexuals at a baseball game.  It was truly funny. 

Parapluie Flyer - May

Click the image above to view photos from last night’s performances.  Also, please visit the new Parapluie: Creative Series website at

Parapluie: Creative Series is held at Cornichon in Williamsburg the last Thursday of every month.  Next month’s performances may or may not include a reading from yours truly…I hope.