Day three of unemployment, that is.  It’s not that I like the fact that I am unemployed.  Trust me, I’d rather be working and pulling in some, your know income.  But the past three days have not been so bad.  Some highlights:

  1. I spent all day Monday on the couch with a 101 fever and a massive headache.  Flu?  Allergies?  Anxiety?  Who knows?  I took two Tylenol PM Monday night, and woke up Tuesday feeling like a million ducks.
  2. I learned how to use Skype and ordered a webcam from  Now I can talk to friends, AND potentially have teleconference interviews from the comfort of my home office. 
  3. Last night I hit the METS game with my friend Karyn, courtesy of a business connection/friend who has a small ticket pack.  The METS beat the Phillies 6-5.  There were 7 home runs in the game.  It was awesome.
  4. I get to spend more time with my cats.  I observed something about them during the weekdays.  They sleep a lot.  A lot.  Boring little fuckers…
  5. I feel less inclined to snack.
  6. Trader Joe’s is nearly empty!
  7. The fish market is stocked!
  8. NO HIPSTERS on the block!!
  9. Daytime TV is so unappealing I’m forced to job hunt, write, or get outside.  It’s nearly summer.  Not such a bad thing.
  10. I get to clean the apartment (at the request of my darling) and cook whatever I want. 

Ok, so #10 isn’t really that great, but I truly have not minded the last few days.  Ask me again next week, or a month from now and my feelings may be different.