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One thing about being home all day looking for a job is there’s only so much time you can spend actually looking for the job. The rest of the day I’m on e-mail, reading, trying to write, I went for a bike ride yesterday, and then there’s watching TV.

The other day I flipped to HBO to find Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II on. Not my kind of movie. However, I did like the first one for the long legged, blonde, Gossip Girl bombshell Blake Lively. So I settled in to give this one a shot too when I realized something. While hot, Blake Lively has a funny mouth. And she’s always pouting in the movie. But hidden hidden behind her, the pretty Ugly Bettiness of America Ferrera, and the frumpiness of Amber Tamblyn is Alexis Bledel.

I didn’t realize it in the first movie, but she is clearly the prettiest of the four. And sexiest. Then I dug into my brain a little more and realized she played Becky in Sin City – one of the sexiest hookers with a death wish ever to grace the silver screen.

t’s times like these that make me enjoy the fact that I’m sitting at home without any income…well, maybe I don’t enjoy that fact, but it’s certainly more tolerable.