Megan Fox

1…The METS stink right now.  I’m well aware.  But that can’t last forever.  One day, when their star players are not all on the DL, and their manager chooses to start their Ace the first game after the All Star break instead of the inconsistent freak they will be good again.  If the world ended tomorrow, they’d be left with a losing legacy.

2…My morning coffee – it truly is the best part of my day right now.

3…Shedding that 15 lbs + the additional 5 lbs I’ve put on since being unemployed for a total of 20 lbs.  I’d like to have the confidence that I won’t split the pants on my wedding suit….

4…My wedding.  Hell, who am I kidding?  Aside from the paperwork, blood tests, and a nice little party in Mexico we’re practically already married.

5…The next season of 24 – aka a reason to look forward to Monday…no, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Monday Night Football.

6…Future Esquire pictorials and videos featuring an almost nude Megan Fox, or a fully nude Mary-Louise Parker.

7…Comments from angry readers who don’t like when I rip Vincent Gallo, and then tell me I have a fat face.  I learned something – one of the keys to being a blogger (or any time of writer, for that matter) is you need to have a thick skin and rather than get upset at such comments (I know I have a chubby face – it’s because I drink beer for breakfast), you kind of just have to go with them.  Come up with something clever in return.  I think I could have been a little more clever in that situation, and should the world end tomorrow I may not get that chance again.  Sorry, Hugh.  Or is it Greg?  That’s the best you’re gonna get.


*No reason in particular why I chose seven.  It just seemed to naturally flow.