Yesterday’s one year anniversary of Crabapple has come and gone with zero fanfare aside from a single Tweet by yours truly. 

I spent the weekend at my parents’ house helping them with their garage sale, at which they attempted to unload my childhood for mere pennies, old dishes and glasses, musty clothing, and the contents of an estate sale.  That was by far the most interesting part of the whole thing.  The pieces included Waterford crystal, silver, and various antique statues from Denmark, Germany, and England.  Very cool stuff.  We had to stop my father from speaking with buyers as he was unloading expensive pieces for one or two dollars each.  Ouch!  Kristina and I did some serious research online – the results forced us to pull certain pieces to keep to ourselves, or to post on eBay, or to try to sell at a higher price.  Some sold, some didn’t.  We were exhausted by the time we returned home last night. 

The METS took two of three from Houston, so while exhausted I was also very happy. 

I left my car at my parents’ house.  The lack of funds available to pay for a $275/month parking spot coupled with the fact that Wednesday I am having shoulder surgery which will prevent me from being able to drive (or type properly) for about a month left me with little choice.  The alternative would be a crash course for Kristina in the art of standard shift – a task I was not prepared to take on. 

However, I will stay positive, and try to continue my job search and the pursuit of literary perfection while in a sling.  I have been working on some new pieces including a novel (working title: The Exciting Lives of Beautiful People), a contest for Esquire magazine, some random short stories, and a short children’s story called The Proylewhich I will be reading this Thursday night (if I feel ok) at the fifth installment of Parapluie Creative Series at Cornichon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Parapluie 5 - July 30, 2009

Today I will keep the excitement at bay – I will send some resumes, make some phone calls, tweak The Proyle, hit the gym, shower, have lunch, empty and fill the dish washer, empty and put away the contents of the laundry bag, play some Wii Tennis, look online for a new computer, clean the floors and rugs, and tonight take the 7 train to Citi Field to watch my METS take on the Colorado Rockies.  Till tomorrow, friends…