Hi – The Mets are riding a 4 game winning streak!

Lo – Last night’s game was rained out resulting in a day/night double header today.  Let’s hope they can keep the momentum.

Hi – My surgery was a success!  Instead of finding a muscle tear in my shoulder, they discovered a bone spur.  My muscle is at 98% (according to my doc) and did not require surgery.  Sling recovery time went from 4 weeks to 3 days!

Lo – I will still have to skip Parapluie: Creative Series tonight as I am sore, loopy from the pain killers, and stinky as I can’t shower until Saturday.

Hi – It’s a beautiful day!

Lo – I’m stuck inside job hunting and resting…at least I get to watch two Mets games, and episodes 4, 5, & 6 of Mad Men Season 2 on DVD!

That’s all I got.  Gonna go ice my shoulder now.