Meet The MessI’ve gone nearly an entire baseball season without too much banter about my New York Mets.  Yeah, there was that Open Letter to Jeff Wilpon, and a couple other things.  But otherwise I’ve kept quiet.  And for good reason.  Need I say it?  sigh  THEY STINK!  The starting pitching is in the shitter – Johan continues to have good starts, but receives little to no run support, Pelfrey is good but inconsistent, Ollie is just inconsistent, Livan is a dead man walking, and the fifth spot…hmm, it’s interesting.  I liked Jon Niese before he went down for the season, I do not like Tim Redding, poor John Maine is a good guy and a good pitcher, and really hasn’t had a chance to do anything this season…but I do like Bobby Parnell as a starter. 

It’s time to look ahead to next season.  2009 is done for the Mets.  2010 needs to start with a pitching overhaul.  Keep Johan, obviously but add another seasoned veteran.  Trade Ollie if you can.  Trade John Maine.  Continue to work on Pelfrey, Niese, and Parnelland have them be your 3, 4, & 5 starters.  The bullpen is ok, but I don’t really like Francisco Rodriguez as a Met.  He is on my fantasy team, but I’ll be the first to admit that his inconsistency and constant nail biters are more annoying than anything else.  Try to keep Putz or Wagner on another year, and make one of them the closer.  They should both be healthy next season.

Hitters…ugh.  They need a new 1st baseman, a new catcher, a new left fielder, and maybe even trade Carlos Beltran.  The Mets have always worked best with grit.  Beltran has no grit.  Reyes has grit.  Can’t wait for that guy to return to form next season. 

So what to do with this season?  Time to go balls to the wall and play the spoiler.  The Phillies are looking good, but cocky.  In a post to Phillies Nation they are till considering the Mets a rival, albeit an insignificant one, and think they can “handle the Mets with relative ease.”  They’re probably right, but wouldn’t a sweep of the Phillies just be awesome for the morale of the team and the fans?  The Mets won’t win the division this season.  I would be thrilled to see the Marlins take that crown.  Take down those cocky Phillies and their jackass fans!

So unless something crazy happens like The Mets winning the rest of their games, or the Phillies being knocked out of first place I will probably say very little about baseball for the rest of the 2009 season.  Oh, I’m sure you’re all so sad.  Whatever, I have other things to do like find a job, work on my writing, get back into shape following my shoulder surgery, get married, watch True Blood, Mad Men, & Entourage…you get the idea.