Berkshire Mountain Distillers – True American Spirits

For some, Fashion Week in NYC is the be all, end all of NYC events. For me, it’s a time of year when my wife-to-be is stressed out beyond all recognition due to the constant shuffling of samples, and her time, setting up shows, etc. This year her parents came in for a long weekend starting on a Friday – a night during which her company was doing the PR for a certain Miguel Antoinne show in midtown. Her colleagues were in full control of the show. She wanted some alone time with her folks leaving me to my own devices. My first choice when I have a free Friday night would not normally be to attend a fashion show, but alas I also had a friend in town – a tall Danish fellow who is interested such festivities, so my lovely wife-to-be suggested taking him to the show. He liked the idea.

The show, as one can imagine was crowded with fashion industry types – not my favorite crowd, but also not the worst of New Yorkers. The show, itself was interesting. I wouldn’t wear any of it, but Jens (my Danish friend) thought a lot of it was cool (I guess it has something to do with being tall, lanky, and Scandinavian.) I was more impressed with what came with the after-party. There were plenty of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails made with liquor provided by Berkshire Mountain Distillers. I took one sip of the Ragged Mountain Rum, and knew that what I was tasting was something special. I spoke with the company founder, Chris Weld for a few minutes and promised to be in contact to write an article for Debonair.

Over the next few weeks I spoke with him, exchanged a couple e-mails, spoke with a vendor, and tasted the vodka & gins. All are fantastic. I was more than thrilled to write an article on a product that I truly believe is high quality, delicious, and American – a detail that often goes overlooked. At this time of economic uncertainty it feels good to support a homegrown company especially one as fantastic as this one.