In less than three weeks from today I will go from being a single guy (on paper) to being a married guy. I signed up with a website, in search of a rabbi willing to perform an interfaith ceremony as I m Jewish and my fiancee is Catholic. I found the rabbi, and also found that they were seeking writers for some new pieces. I connected with the publisher and agreed to write a piece about what I want my new relatives to know about me. The article was published on October 9th. This is very exciting for me as it is my first article that doesn’t relate back to food or drink…although, I did mention Christmas ham.

Update – Tuesday, October 13, 4:00 PM

I received a very nice e-mail from someone who’d read the article and wanted to share her own feelings on the subject. I was very surprised, flattered, and honored to receive such a letter that I thought I should post it here:

Hi Sam,
Firstly, sorry for the random email – I found your address on Eating Brooklyn, and I had just read your article, Preservation on (I’m a fellow Brooklyn Jewish writer in an interfaith relationship). I just want to say I was very moved by your article, and I really appreciated hearing your story (and – Mazel Tov!). I very much empathized with your experience, and in fact, I am about to publish my own piece in the Forward about the same topic. (I think it should be published either this week or next?). I’ve been reaching out to other Jews in interfaith relationships, because it’s been surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) difficult to manage the negative reactions I’ve experienced from my family as I’ve been in a serious interfaith relationship for over a year now. So I just want to say thank you for your words – this gives me hope and comfort. The reason I wrote my article was to let the Jewish community know it’s imperative to accept and support those in interfaith relationships, so again, it’s really helpful to have all these voices speaking out about it.
Thank you! (and do look out for my piece soon!)
Hila Ratzabi