So far the Twins & Rockies disappointed me for not beating my two arch enemy teams – the Yankees & The Phillies.  The other two series went exactly as predicted.  Now we’re in the middle of the NL & ALCS, and it looks like there is a grave and unfortunate possibility that the two teams I hate the most could face each other in the World Series.  I don’t need to list the reasons why this is so upsetting to me.  sigh…  For a long time I’ve said that if this were to happen then I would just bury my head in the sand, and pretend the World Series is not actually taking place.  However, after watching both the NL & ALCS on TV these past few days I’m going ot declare something that may get me kicked out of Citi Field permanently.  Should it come down to a Yankees vs. Phillies World Series I may have to pull for the Phillies.

My reasoning for this is actually pretty good.  First, note that I am NOT “rooting” for the Phillies to win.  I’m pulling for them to make the Yankees lose.  In my opinion, a happy Philadelphia is prefered over happy Yankees fans.  The Phillies will eventually fall off their run and into NL East obscurity, but the Yankees will always be douche bags.  One thing I do NOT need to hear from their idiot fans is, “Yeah, well who’s won 27 World Series?”  Hearing that line with 26 is bad enough.  Think of something original!

Second, I’d rather see a NL team win this year.  Too many guys I know (who happen to be fans of one AL team or another) like to call AL baseball “real” baseball, and NL is AAAA.  Let me just say I HATE the DH rule.  I like watching a pitcher hit the random home run.  It’s exciting.  Their reasoning is that no NL team has a good enough DH while in AL parks.  And that the AL signs the best players.  True, there are a lot of great players in the AL.  Lots of great ones in the NL too.  And anyone who’s watched the Phillies over the past few seasons knows that a lot of those hard hitters play in Philadelphia.  Shane Victorino – he’s a weasel, but he can hit and fly.  Jayson Werth – pedophile, but dangerous at the plate.  Jimmy Rollins – mildly retarded, but MVP material.  Obviously, you can say the same for the Yankees and their players, so why couldn’t an NL team win?  In fact, I think the Phillies have the edge when it comes to pitching. 

Third – well, that’s about it.  I guess I put it all together in two paragraphs instead of a big list.  I mean, there really aren’t many reasons why I want the Phillies to win.  It simply comes down to I want the Yankees to lose.  I know this could blow up in my face, and I’ll have all these douche bag Yankees fans with their flat brimmed hats, fat faces, and generally off-putting dispositions at next year’s subway series games after an awesome Mets win saying, “Yeah, well who’s won 27 World Series?”  Really, that’s all they have.  They’re also the least creative bunch.  But it’s a risk I’m prepared to take. 

But in the mean time, GO DODGERS!