Tomorrow Kristina and I board a plane headed to Cancun, Mexico.  We’ll take a bus about an hour or so south to our resort in Riviera Maya, just around the corner from Tulum.  We’ll have a few days to enjoy the sun, the beach, the pool, some frozen drinks, some tacos, friends, and family, and then on Friday we will get married.  Holy crap, I’m getting married! 

It’s not like I update Crabapple every day anymore, but I still felt I should let any readers I have know that I will be away for the week.  Hopefully the Angels will pull out another win today, and another tomorrow, and meet & beat the Phillies in the World Series.  Should the Yankees win either game, well then I wish the Phillies the best of luck, and I will be thankful to be out of the country not watching.

Wish me luck!  Have a great week, everyone.