With 2009 drawing to a close, we all get to reflect on what was 2009 and how we can improve ourselves and the world around us for 2010. 

For me, 2009 was a year of ups & downs.  Losing my job was not so good financially, however it gave me the chance to move on with my career.  I wasn’t happy that we didn’t get that house in NJ, but had we won the bidding war we couldn’t have afforded it on what we were bringing in.  But it doesn’t matter because we got married in Mexico, which was awesome!  Shoulder surgery was a bitch, but it feels a heck of a lot better now.  We lost a number of celebrities like Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy, and Farrah Fawcett, but who cares?  Shame, yes.  Did they make any real difference in my life?  Not at all.  I was sad about Patrick Swayze though.  Still am.  But again, life goes on. 

But I digress… This is about 2010 – and what I resolve to at least try to do in the next year.  These are small, attainable goals, I think.

  1. Deflate the spare tire and double chin.  To do this I will need to cut down on the booze, exercise 4-5 days a week, and eat better.  I think I can do that.  I need to.
  2. Manage my money.  Not better…just manage my money.  I may even start this week while the wife is off work.
  3. Drop fewer F bombs.  I hardly notice when I do it, but I hate it when I hear others do it.  It sounds low-class, and unprofessional.  You know who you are who do this.  If you are in a position of authority within a company, do not DO NOT use this word when speaking to your employees.  They will not respect you for this.  They’ll think you’re a dumb fuck!  See?
  4. Cook more.  This ties in with #1.  It helps you eat better if you know what the ingredients are, and it will save you money.
  5. Get back to fiction.  I’ve spent the last I don’t know how many months concentrating on finding a job and on writing articles for Debonair and Eating Brooklyn, mostly, but in the process I’ve nearly forgotten about what got me interested in writing in the first place, fiction.  And I need to start working on it again.
  6. Read more non-fiction.  This doesn’t contradict the last resolution as it has to do with reading, not writing.  I read a lot of novels, but not as much biographies, history, etc.  I’m currently reading I Slept With Joey Ramone, a memoir by his brother Mickey Leigh.  Next I plan to read Born Round by Frank Bruni. 
  7. Be less negative.  Unless, of course I’m referring to hipsters.  How can you be positive about hipsters?
  8. Play music again.  Years ago I played in bands.  I played bass and sang.  I haven’t picked up an instrument (besides my acoustic guitar with the intention of moving it to another place in the room) in years.  I miss it.

That’s it.  I think 8 is enough.  Hehe.  8 is enough.  Oh, Dick Van Patten…