I’m not what you’d call “into art.”  I would never claim to even know anything on the subject past what I view in friends’ homes, and the gallery where my friend Andy works on 25th Street in Manhattan, Gallery Henoch.  A couple years ago during a trip to New Orleans, LA I was eating dinner in a restaurant called Arnauds’.  The food and jazz atmosphere are cool in that old school New Orleans way, and a number of Todd White’s paintings happened to adorn the walls of the dining room in which we were sitting.  I was immediately drawn to each of the paintings – all of which featured music, alcohol, food, men, & women in that cool New Orleans manner. 

From The Art of White website, “Todd white captures restaurant, night and Hollywood scenes with contrasting colors serving the viewer’s eyes as those in his stolen scenes serve or are served-wine, coffee, cigarettes, cigars, martinis and sex. He creates timeless scenes of diverse attraction, of known intimacy. Within the exaggerated features and textured skin of his characters lies truth, yours and theirs. Distinctive bodies and details to lips, eyes, hair, skin, hands and what is held in each, separate and blend his characters’ lives. The smoke that rises from their lips, the drinks that linger at their fingertips, the clothing that adorns their bodies and the crowd created among lovers, friends, patrons and co-workers all speak a certain poetry. Each character depicts the subtleties of what one shows and what one hides. An asymmetrical face tells of an asymmetrical life, of how life wears and how we wear life – what we choose to carry in our hands and on our faces – how we wear ourselves, what smoke and color we stand in.”

Let the modernists have their blank canvases and blue dots, and the boring and ordinary can have their seascapes, and other minutia.  When I have the means, and a place to really hang paintings properly I intend to buy a couple Todd White paintings.  My wife have have another opinion on the subject, but that’s what offices and man caves are for, right?