I read a lot of style blogs including Prepidemic, A Continuous Lean, & Valet which actually rounds up various posts from around the web (who said web?) as well as writing their own pieces.  I recently started following Sartorially Inclined, as well.  One thing he started doing today was posting what he wore over the weekend.  I’ve seen other style blogs do this too.  It’s supposed to give readers ideas about how to put outfits together.  Cool feature for people who need that sort of thing.

It got me thinking, “What could I do?”  I wear the same shit every weekend, and this isn’t a style blog, and truth be told I’m starting to tie food into nearly everything I write about, and I have an idea about a new photo project (once I get my new camera), so here it is.  My new Monday feature for Crabapple will be to post What I Ate over the weekend (and I may use the category for business trips, vacations, etc. too).  Here goes:

Friday – Dinner with the wife at Robin des Bois on Smith Street.  I had duck pate followed by shrimp over mushroom & tomato risotto.

Saturday – Breakfast at home, followed by Taco Bell bean burrito at the Tanger Outlets Riverhead Food Court for lunch, and home cooked meal by mom for dinner.

Sunday – Breakfast at home again, followed by lunch at The Old Town Bar near Union Square – bison burger with cheddar and a Guinness.  The wife made dinner  – white bean & chicken chili – recipe courtesy of Giada De Laurentis.  It was quite good, and rather low in fat & calories. 

Going forward I will try to include photos.