Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar
50 Henry Street
Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201

Wine bars are often thought to be pretentious, stuffy, and expensive. They’re often cold and employ a staff that thinks they are superior to you because they know about wine, and you’re ordering pinot noir (because you’re a big fan of Paul Giamatti), and you can’t properly pronounce Sangiovese.

My wife and I happened on the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar in our search for dinner last night before deciding on Henry’s End. Ironically enough, the wait at Henry’s End was 45 minutes; a time probably typical for this restaurant – and what better way to solve your waiting and space issues than to open up a wine bar a few doors down from your popular restaurant? Well, that’s what they did. So the place we originally passed up was the place where we ended up having a drink and a couple small plates while waiting to sit for our meal.

The Bar & Seating Area
The Bar & Seating Area – click for more photos

The inside of Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar is warm and cozy. The bar is ample, and there are about 15 tables. We explained that we were waiting for dinner next door, and were given a small table towards the back with a view of the small kitchen.

We each ordered a glass of red – for me a Castle Rock California Zinfandel. The wife got Montepulciano. We were both starving, so we ordered a couple oysters (for me only), and a dish of olives to share.
Unlike other wine bars this one did not feel pretentious. We felt welcome. And the service is friendly and helpful.
The wait for dinner was about 45 minutes, and in this time we enjoyed our wine, olives, and bread. I’m a huge fan of oysters, and these did not disappoint. They were fresh, plump, ice cold, and slightly briny served with cocktail sauce, lemons, and chopped onion in vinegar. I offered for her to try one, but she’s just not that into them. More for me.
Waiting for your table when you’re hungry can be irritating. Restaurant bars are often crowded and loud. Last night, however we didn’t mind the wait. In fact, I’d go back to wait some more…and some more, and more, and more.