Finally, has helped me to solve two brooding issues in one fell swoop; 1) how do I go from the office to the game seamlessly mixing work attire with fan apparel? & 2) how do I own a piece of the now defunct Shea Stadium without spending my future child’s college fund.

Simple, wear a piece of the field level seats on my wrists.  For a mere $150 I could own a piece of Shea Stadium, & a swank pair of cufflinks.  Of course, I’d have to wear a French cuff shirt that day.  I think I could manage that…I just need to keep the mustard off my tie.

Friends, family, take hint, Father’s Day is coming up.  What?  I mentioned my “future” child’s fund, didn’t I?  Sigh… Fine, I’ll buy them myself.

Let’s Go Mets!!!


Thanks to Michael Baron of for the tip!