Ocean Breeze Cafe
580 Thames Street
Newport, RI 02840-6742
(401) 849-1750
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Living in the northeast, specifically in New York City gives me access via train, bus, or car to a number of great weekend getaway destinations within a matter of hours.  There are the beaches of Long Island and the Jersey Shore, Cape Cod, MA, Rehoboth Beach, DE, and a favorite of my wife & mine, Newport, RI.  And for us, no trip to Newport is complete without at least one stop at the Ocean Breeze Cafe.

Corned Beef Hash & Cheese Omelet

The restaurant is located a short walk off the main drag on Thames Street.  Breakfast is served daily until 2:00 PM.  I’m a morning person, and breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  The first time we went, and every time thereafter I’ve opted to order a variation on the same theme.  They offer a variety of eggs and griddle specialties, plus they bake their own muffins, bagels, and other breakfast pastries on site.

My dish of choice is the corned beef hash & cheese omelet for $10.95 with a buttered bagel, juice, and coffee.  This also comes with home fries and a slice of melon.  And for good measure I always order myself one of their homemade muffins.  They have the usual blueberry, bran, and banana nut, but I like to get a little crazy & order mine with M&M’s.  Judge me not, for I am on vacation and will eat what I want!

M&M's Muffin

The omelete is the size of my arm, and is filled with meaty, cheesy goodness.  The bagels, while not from New York can certainly hold their own.  They’re served hot and fresh – better than what a lot of places can provide.  The muffins are other worldly.  Eat it plain, or spread on a little butter.  Go ahead – it won’t kill you.  After the omelet – the likes of which could feed a small country for a day – I’m pressed to find room in my belly for this behemoth, but it hasn’t failed me yet.  Don’t feel up to the challenge?  Take one (or four) to go.  Tour the mansions and eat one there.  Check out the Tennis Hall of Fame and eat another there.  Go on a boat ride and…you get the picture.

Eating Everywhere Author Dan DeLaiarro Enjoying His Breakfast

Vacation, no matter how long or short is about relaxation, and doing things you don’t normally do.  If I could eat breakfast at the Ocean Breeze Cafe everyday, not only would I risk high cholesterol and my jeans never fitting properly again, but it would take away some of the thrill.  Though I’m sure the locals would disagree.