So, I get the latest e-mail from Pottery Barn, and I see this…

…and what goes through my mind?  It’s a 10″ square piece of white cotton with a big, bold red crab emblazoned on it.  I’m not thinking that these would be great for wiping my mouth.  No, I’m thinking pocket square!

When I wear a pocket square, I don’t fold and square them off like Don Draper does, or like they show in most magazines.  Most times I poof it in the middle, allowing about 1 1/2″ to show.  It’s easy, and it looks good with the way I dress.  If I want to get a little more formal, I fold the square leaving a triangle pointing upwards sticking out the pocket.  The crab may be a little far in for this to work properly, but at $19 for a package of 6, it’s worth the try.  Worse comes to worse, I have 6 crab emblazoned napkins that I can use as thick white pocket squares, handy hankies, or as…napkins.